Marcela Santillan Nieto <>
Marcela Nieto on September 12 1997 @ 00:09

Hello everybody

I studied Mathematics at the National University in Mexico and begin
working 18 years ago (1980) at the National Pedagogical University in
Mathematics Education with in-service teachers and Ba students in education.

In 1987 I started teaching in 7th, 8th and 9th grade in a private school.
Since 1989 I start working with computers, my first programas were Logo and
Basic and now I am working with the TI-92 with Cabri to teach geometry to
students on 8th grade.

Last year a group of 8 teachers from our University which I belong start
working in a network proyect about Mexican history the name was
"Exploradores de Mesoamerica" with students of 5th grade in 12 schools.
Our approach is influenced by the Vigotskis work about social learning.
We are finishing the analisis of this pilot experience and planing our
work for this year.


Marcela Santillan Nieto
Universidad Pedagogica Nacional.
Tel. (52) (5) 6309745
Nabor Carrillo 101-Q
C.P. 01770
Mexico, D.F.


Marcela Nieto